Security Alerts

Security Alerts

New Payee Added: An alert will be sent when a bill payment payee has been added to your account through online banking.  Fraudulent activity can include adding and transferring funds to a vendor that is not your own.

Personal Access Code (PAC) Changed: You will receive an alert when your PAC has been changed.  This allows you to report this to us immediately.

Online Banking Account Locked Out-Incorrect Response to Security Question: You will receive an alert if your account has been locked out due to too many incorrect answers to your predetermined security questions (used when you are accessing your account from an unregistered computer).

Online Login: An alert will be sent whenever there is a login to your online banking account.  If this isn't an authorized login, you can contact us immediately.

Balance and Activity Alerts

My Balance: An alert will be sent of your balance daily, weekly or monthly.

Low Balance: You will receive an alert when your balance gets below an amount that you specify.

Deposit: Alerts you when a deposit is made to your account.

Withdrawal: When a type of withdrawal that you have selected for a greater amount than you have specified goes through your account, an alert will be sent to you.

INTERAC® e-Transfer Recipient Added: An alert will be sent out whenever an e-Transfer recipient has been added to your account.  This is also a good fraud deterrent.


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