Online e-Statements

Online e-Statements are a fast and secure method to receive account information.  Members can access their statement online and chose to eliminate paper statements.  By opting out of your paper statements you are making an environmentally friendly choice helping to reduce costs, reduce waste and reduce paper, which save trees at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are e-Statements?

An e-Statement is an electronic version of the paper statement you currently receive in the mail every month.

Where do I find my e-Statement?

You can access your e-Statement through online banking under the "My Accounts" tab in the Short Cuts section.  If you are not currently signed up for online banking, please see one of our staff to enroll.

Are e-Statements secure?

Yes, because e-Statements are stored within the online banking system they share the same highly secure technology that safeguards all of your online financial information and transactions.

How much do e-Statements cost?

There is no fee for this service.

Will I still be able to see my cheque images?

Yes, e-Statements contain captured images of your cheques.

Do I have to sign up to receive e-Statements?

No, if you are currently using online banking you will automatically have access to your e-Statements.

Will I still get my monthly paper statement?

Yes, you will continue to receive your paper statement by regular mail.

Will my e-Statement be available at the same time as my paper statement?

Actually, you'll have access to your e-Statement sooner!

How long will e-Statements be stored online?

Over time, 7 years of e-Statements and cheque images will be stored for you to access.  No more digging out old statements from a box in your closet! And much more secure than having your statements stored at home in boxes or bags.

What if I don't want my paper statement any more?

You can choose to opt-out of receiving your paper statement.  This will reduce risk (chance of mail theft as well as storing paper statements at home) and be environmentally friendly (no more printing statements and envelopes).

You can opt-out of your paper statement by dropping into the branch or the opt-out option is available directly through online banking.


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