Member Card

With a Summerland Credit Union Member Card®  you can access your account through retailers and ATMs around the world. Use your card at any ATM in Canada displaying the Acculink®, Exchange®, Interac® or Cirrus® logos; in the United States at any Exchange® or Cirrus® ATM and Internationally at any Cirrus® ATM location.

You also have the flexibility of using your card at any retailer in Canada or the US that displays the Interac® direct payment logo. Around the world, look for merchants displaying the Maestro® logo. By simply verifying withdrawals from your account with your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you eliminate the need for carrying excess cash, writing cheques and producing identification. Your Member Card®  offers the convenience of worldwide access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

* Acculink, Exchange, Interac, Maestro, Cirrus and MemberCard are registered trademarks and are used under license. 


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