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Summerland Capital


What is Summerland Capital?

Summerland Credit Union has funds committed to help create jobs and boost the Summerland economy. Do you have a great idea? A Business Plan and the skills to carry it out but need money to put your plan into action? Talk to us about Summerland Capital, a program created to support local business and industry.


Over the last several years there has been significant discussion about economic development and creating an environment that fosters business incubation, business growth, the attraction of new business and retention of our existing businesses. The end goal is the creation of local employment to help stem the outflow of residents and attract new ones to keep our schools full, our businesses strong and grow our community base to help support and maintain our infrastructure needs now and into the future.

The Board, management and staff see the Summerland Credit Union as an integral piece of the fabric of our community and recognize that the organization’s health is directly proportional to the health of the community. Since the credit union needs a strong economy in order to thrive, we have established Summerland Capital and dedicated the capital to turn vision into reality. We see the credit union as having both a role and a responsibility to our community and we are very excited about this new initiative


Are you a small business looking to apply for this incredible opportunity?

Read the guidelines and complete the application form.