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Getting to know us

Summerland Credit Union was founded in 1944 as an alternative to traditional banking methods: people working together to reach their goals. Sharing their knowledge, skills and energy, these pioneers built a foundation based on the principles of sound financial management. While we started small, we have a big vision.

We are proud to be a single branch, independent credit union serving Summerland and the surrounding area. Although the majority of our members live within our local community, we have members across Canada and around the world.

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Supporting 70+ Community Groups & Charities

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75 Years Serving Summerland & Surrounding Area

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$300+ Million in Assets

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​Rewarding our loyal members for their patronage

​We enrich lives by bringing our members better value every day! Summerland Credit Union’s Relationship Pricing Program focusses on creating and nurturing mutually-beneficial relationships that are advantageous to our members.

Through the Relationship Pricing Program, incentives are extended to members who do business with the Credit Union and its subsidiaries. Simply put, the more business you do with us, the better your rates for loans and deposits will be. Members who deal with our insurance office, our financial planning department, or our credit union are rewarded for their loyalty.

Providing a helping hand

We are a proud financial supporter of the Summerland Community Fund and the Summerland Credit Union Legacy Fund.

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​A strong board helps steer the organization

Summerland Credit Unions’ Board of Directors is made up of people who have been elected to the board from our membership, and who share an interest in setting policies that guide the direction of the credit union. 


Living Wage for Families

Summerland Credit Union is proud to be recognized as a Living Wage Employer! We can proudly state that we provide a wage to all of our staff members that can support the average cost of a family of four, with a two income household. A living wage is good for employers, good for our community and good for the economy.

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