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Help Prevent Fraud

​Everyone is at risk of experiencing identity theft or fraud, and as more of you rely on online and mobile banking it’s important to understand what information you need to protect most and some of the ways scammers use to get it from you and how you can stay safe online.

​With the ever-changing technology landscape in the world today, at Summerland Credit Union we want to make sure our member’s data and money stay safe. We are always looking at new technology to help mitigate the risk and understand from a risk and compliance how important it is that we keep your information safe.

It only takes a convincing phone call, letter or fictitious email to allow fraudsters access to your information. Talk to our staff about online banking alerts sent via SMS or email notifications or set-up auto deposit for e-Transfers to reduce the risk of someone intercepting your e-Transfer, these are just two of the may ways the Summerland Credit Union can help reduce the risk to our members.

If you find that you have been a victim of fraud please contact us immediately upon the discovery of the fraud or would like more information on how to protect yourself please come into the branch and talk on one of our knowledgeable staff and they help you through the process or provide further information on how to protect yourself from fraud.

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During the pandemic be aware of phone, email and text scams targeting people impacted by COVID-19. Our advice is to stop, look, and think before you give out personal information or clicking links.

Setting up Account Alerts is a great way to keep a constant eye on your finances by having email or text notices sent to you directly.

Please know that we’ll never make direct contact by email or over the phone asking for usernames, passwords or control of your computer.

We're giving customers more ways to detect fraud and keep an eye on their accounts. They can decide what they want to hear about and where they want to be told. This is another important step to help protect our customers online and give them greater peace of mind.​

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If you’re a victim of fraud or identity theft

  • Call us immediately at (250) 494-7181 or contact our branch
  • Cancel your credit cards and call you credit card provider
  • Change your online passwords
  • Notify law enforcement

If you think you’ve been targeted by an email scam or other fraudulent activity, report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, through its website at, or by telephone at 1-888-495-8501.

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