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Cash Management



Cash management services for your business

​Improving operating efficiencies and increasing your cash flow are critical components to running a successful business. We can provide expert advice and access to the solutions and products to help your business.

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MasterCard® Merchant Services

​All of your credit and debit card sales can be authorized and deposited electronically using a Point of Sale (POS) terminal. The necessary electronic equipment and 24 hour merchant support is available through 8760 Merchant Solutions.

​For more information about merchant services or to inquire about providing credit and debit card sales to your customers, please contact our Commercial Accounts department at 250-494-7181.

* MasterCard is a registered trademark and is used under license.

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PaymentStream Automated Funds Transfer

PaymentStream AFT (Automated Funds Transfer) is a leading-edge software solution that helps your business run more efficiently by replacing traditional paper methods of payment processing with electronic transfers. 

PaymentStream facilitates processing and settlement of pre-authorized debits (i.e. donations, strata fee collection) and direct deposits (i.e. payroll, payments to suppliers). It can be a useful tool in automating and streamlining monthly payments and simplifying budgeting.

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MemberDirect Small Business

​MemberDirect® Small Business is the first financial online banking product in Canada tailored to meet the needs of small business members with fewer than 20 employees.

​The product is designed to move small business owners beyond in-branch transactions, in order to more effectively meet their needs. Straightforward to use and accessible anytime, anywhere, MemberDirect® Small Business helps members manage their business and personal finances in a solution tailor made for their needs.

Features include:  account aggregation, multiple user support, dual signature support, mobile access, Deposit Anywhere™ , MemberDirect® Alerts, MemberDirect® e-Documents, Interac® e-Transfer with Support for Dual Signers.


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